Waiting for Something to Happen

Performance Score


1. All pieces of furniture are aligned in space, two to three feet apart. I strap them to each other: terrarium to bookcase, bookcase to table.


2. I crawl underneath the table and resurface through the hole in the center, fit the straps of the suspenders to my shoulders, take hold of the handles on each side, lift the table a few inches off the ground and begin to pull all the furniture.


3. Strapped to the furniture, I repeat the words of the texts being played in space while walking in a circular motion around the room, slowly and steadily until someone enters the room.


4. When someone enters the room, I complete one last circle and stop. I detach the suspenders, crawl out from under the table and detach all the straps.


5. I concoct a comfortable space for the visitor(s). I place the table underneath a light, the terrarium in its centre, covering the hole. I position the bookcase nearby or at the other end of the room and unfold it. I also unfold the bed from the wall and arrange the mattress and blankets.


6. I take out some of the objects from the bookcase and place them on the table, on the bed, on the floor…I plug in the kettle.


7. We sit on the ground or at the table or on the bed, eating cookies, waiting for the tea to be infused, looking at the snails eat their lunch.


8.  I wait for something to happen…