13 août / August 13th

Performance de / Performance by Caroline Boileau & Stéphane Gilot


Outside/Inside is two site-specific performance art events happening on Spectacle Island (July 16th), and Georges Island (August 13th) in the Boston Harbor. Curated by Alice Vogler, Dirk Adams, Jan Willett and Vela Oma.



Throughout the afternoon, we are sitting face to face but at some distance from each other under openings in the large vault. We each have an empty chair beside us for visitors.

The visitors are encouraged to sit with us and tell us about their experience of Georges’ island. Stéphane asks the visitors to imagine utopic uses and possible architectures for the Boston islands. He then draws their ideas, concerns, dreams and desires.

Sitting opposite from him, I lead the visitors through a quiet meditation, asking them to imagine the fort as a physical body: dark hallways, secret chambers, porous walls, spaces where sound is reverberated or where birds sing. I then ask them to use the fort as a metaphor for their own body and draw my interpretation, translation of their story.

The visitors are invited to go from one end of the room to the other, moving from one proposition to another; from an internalized, intimate and somatic experience of the fort to one addressing history and architecture.


Here, the action of drawing becomes one of translation. Drawing becomes a tool, an invitation to a dialogue, to a shared experience of body and space, of bodies in space. Translation becomes an action revealing and documenting experiences, possibilities and imagined worlds through dialogue between strangers.


An Ibook containing notes and drawings is currently in production.